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Hardcopy book

Hardcopy book 📚

24 € / book

  • Up to 400 pages /4000 messages 💬📸
  • Beyond, you'll need more books 📕📒📘
  • Made in 🇫🇷 with ❤️
  • Home delivery all over the world 🌍

Our customers' opinion 😍



26 years old

When my man leaves on a mission cut off from the world, I reread our messages on the book, I know he does the same and it helps us to hold.



39 years old

Since the birth of our first, we exchange lots of photos and lots of messages for his first time. We wanted to be able to keep everything for later. I did it myself in PDF and then I discovered MyBookSMS ... Perfect !! Incredibly high quality service



28 years old

Charles sends me beautiful and long messages several times a day. I find it so romantic that I wanted to have them in person.



33 years old

It had been a very long time since I had the idea to print the messages sent to my wife since I had kept the history since the first day... I first thought about doing it myself in PDF then I discovered Mon Livre SMS... Perfect!!! Perfect!! Incredibly high-quality service!



18 years old

The book is perfect and looks exactly like the images that are published! And for what it is, it's really cheap. A quality product, an affordable price, a super fast and pleasant customer support, what more could you ask for! I advise him!



23 years old

The relatives to whom I offered the SMS books were very surprised and especially very touched by this original and very personal gift.



25 years old

I fell by chance and I do not regret it. A caring team. Very responsive and attentive to questions. In addition the result is the appointment for an original gift and especially very personal!



38 years old

Very good product ... more than 9000 messages exchanged with photos in 3 volumes 😉 Superb gift to (do) do. The service is very good. Come on, I'll be able to erase these messages from my phone and earn valuable G

Why print your conversation in a book?


Don't tell yourself any more stories. You are a writer and your pen is your Smartphone.


Every day, you exchange many messages from your iPhone, Android, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram, with those you love and together you write your story. Your conversation becomes a book, an idea for a unique and original gift, which will last over time.


This book, which includes all the iPhone, Android, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram messages that you have selected, tells about your romantic, friendship or family adventures. You are the author, publisher and main character of this book of memories. Offer it to those who are its heroes, it will bind you forever.


Take charge of your story…


Your story is already written. You are only a few clicks away from its materialization thanks to MonLivreSMS.


And then, we are not immune to losing our phone, that our messages are erased by mistake or no longer have available storage memory…


Nowadays, it's less easy to keep track of these fleeting and virtual exchanges.


MonLivreSMS is the right solution to store and print the thousands of messages exchanged on your iPhone, Android, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram conversation. Whether it is a conversation with your soulmate, your family, your friends, from France or from around the world, offering a paper or digital book is a superb idea that marks for life.

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