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Our selection of the best love disks 😎

Hi, the experts of love-hungry dating! You are here to discover our best love disks: superb quotations, irresistible turns of phrase... Neurchi, flirt, fall: you have chosen your 😎. I promise, we'll have fun! Especially if these love floppies bear fruit 😚

Seduction recipes

Already, what is a floppy disk? It is a funny and romantic little text 💌, usually one or two sentences, that you use to flirt with the man or woman of your dreams. A romantic quote is usually well received, and humor too

Attention: we don't talk about knocking out floppy disks the first time you come in. This technique is to be used with a minimum of subtlety, once the first contact is knotted. You may want to renew it if your pretty heart seems to be playing

The secret? To seduce a man or a woman, one must not take oneself too seriously. The purpose of the floppy disk is to make 😄 You may discover a hidden talent for poetry. If not, it may be enough to break the ice and lay the groundwork for your complicity.

Here is a selection of the best quotes and our best love floppies, funny and touching... just for your beautiful eyes they should be used sparingly!


You may not have known it was called "love disks," but you already know them. They have surely already been used by dredgers (and sometimes dredgers) from all over France, who use and abuse them: from Paris to Marseille, from Lille to Toulouse, these diskettes have traveled the country and beyond. Some talk about the "worst" love disks 😅 In any case, they are worth a visit: discover the great classics of dredging here.

Star Thief

The first, the must:

  • Your father is a thief. He stole all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

We'll admit that it was good, but everyone knows it now. Consider an alternative:

  • Your mother is an artist. She took the colors of forests and oceans to create you.

Do you prefer with the father? As you please!

  • Your father is a goldsmith. It has set your eyes in emerald.

Obviously, it only works for green eyes. For blue eyes, evoke lapis lazuli; for black eyes, onyx...

For gamers

Continue with the famous Nintendo special (love) floppy:

  • Your father probably works at Nintendo since you have a DS body.

This one is better done to a gameuse. The comparison is flattering only when you are a fan of game consoles. Or humor!

The Diskette of the 21st Century

Of course, we also have the famous floppy:

  • By any chance, you wouldn't call yourself Google? It's crazy, I find everything I'm looking for in you.

"Oh the.a beauf", you will say. But it's kind of flattering, isn't it? It works especially if your conquest uses its smartphone in all circumstances. Maybe that's how you met, by the way?

If you don't know how to take up these great classics without passing for a.e beauf, discover below a host of floppy disks and short sentences, ready to use, ideal for flirting.

Love floppies for all tastes

The whole team went ahead and this is the result: we have prepared an incredible condensed set of love floppies for you. We put all our ingenuity, our talent for flirting, and especially our good intentions 😊 in these nice sentences!

Casual floppy disks

From everyday life, it’s great for flirting... You’re relaxing. Later, you can refer to your output in a casual way 😚, story that the woman or man of your dreams does not forget your intentions.

  • Hey, but I know you! You are the person who haunts my dreams and nights.

And to split a little: "Thank you insomnia!" For the interested party, it is easier to bounce on this. Yeah, we got plenty of advice like that. Take, it’s free

  • And if not, besides being beautiful, sexy, and driving me crazy, what do you do in life?

This sentence fits very well, for both women and men. Take advantage of this to slip, the air of nothing, what you like about this person.

And one last in the relax category:

  • My eye doctor pointed out that my eyesight had decreased... all because of your dazzling beauty!

Cute Diskettes

In general, they simply 😊

  • You absolutely have to give me your phone number. In case of emergency. Like the urge to hug you.

  • Do you need someone who works for you? I could defend you, make you some good food, or just love you?

  • I'd like to have nine lives, just like cats, so I can spend them all with you.

  • If I were a team captain, I would choose you first. A team for life!

Legend Diskettes

Nothing like a pinch of fairy powder to make you dream... Invoke dryads, unicorns, and other resources from mythology and fairy tales to give an enchanted 🌈 to your flirting phrases.

  • Tell me angel, what does paradise look like? You must have lived there for a long time before coming down to Earth.

This love floppy goes very well after the first appointment!

  • Ow! Didn't you feel anything? Yet Cupid has just triggered one of these tiles ..!

Use your acting skills to keep the suspense going;)

  • You're a beautiful woman. By your side, there's only one Apollo missing like me.

Ladies, impersonate Aphrodite... In any case, beware of ankles 😅 But you were told from the beginning: we're here to have fun! Come on, one more nectar from the gods:

  • Your love eyes are a nectar I could get drunk on. drunk of you.

Floppy disks for adventurous souls

Your Browser 😎 seduced? Don't hesitate to play it.

  • I have wandered the world’s roads without ever losing the North. But now I get lost in your eyes.

  • A plane ticket? Certainly not! Give me a one-way ticket to your heart instead.

  • Take my hand and let's go explore the paths of life together!

The pinnacle of romance

Don't look anymore: in love, art always has a beautiful part! This is where you have to look to seduce a pair of beautiful eyes.

Romantic floppy disks

Ah, the romance of writers, magicians, musicians... 🎶 Instill the bohemian scent of the seduction game to transport the person of your choice to the seventh heaven!

  • Together, we can become writers. We just need to write our history.

  • I'm not a magician... But if you let me show you, I can make your dreams a reality.

  • By your side, the brush of my gaze repaints life in a thousand colors.

  • Every sentence that crosses your lips is a melody that is softer to my ears than the most harmonious orchestras.

  • No artist has painted women as well as Mother Nature has done with you.

If your lover doesn't make movies about a long and happy life with you, we don't see what else to do!

A romantic quote to finish?

To complete the picture, we conducted some research on the side of great writers and poets 📚 of the past century. We have Victor Hugo of course, but not only!

In writing, these quotes always have a small effect. If you push the zeal to learn them by heart and whisper them to the ear of your crush, success is guaranteed! To help you find the right quote, let's start with a must-have:

  • “If you knew how much I love you, how much you are necessary to my life, you would not dare to leave for a single moment, you would always stay with me, your heart against my heart, your soul against my soul.” Victor Hugo

You may not know the others. However, these poets were also visibly good at flirting and seducing :

  • “One day you will ask me what is most important, your life or mine; I'll answer mine and you'll go away, without even knowing you're my Life." Khalil Gibran

  • “I want to wake up at the dawn of your eyes, to know the drunkenness of your love arms.” Max Alexys

If you’re more of a modern type, feel free to take your quotes from the extensive repertoire of English songs 🎷, which are all variations of the irresistible "I love you"!

We let you make your choice, based on your dredging ambitions and the person they are meant for. Neurchi, you're up! And remember the recipe of love: good listening, a touch of sensibility and a great slice of humor

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