How to print your WhatsApp's messages ?


Steps to export, save and print your WhatsApp messages in a book

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    Export your WhatsApp Chat before printing 📥

    To print your WhatsApp messages in a book, you must first export a copy of your conversation. There are several ways to do this depending on the phone you are using, whether it is an iPhone or Android device. First, regardless of the phone you are using, you will be prompted to update your WhatsApp application to make sure you have the latest version.

    If you are using an iPhone smartphone, here's how to save your conversation:

    • Open the WhatsApp application
    • Go to your thread and click on the conversation you want to print.
    • Press on the top of the screen the name of the contact or the name of the group of the conversation.
    • Scroll down the page to discover "export discussion", click on it.
    • Now you can choose to join or not the media (photos, videos, audio...).
    • If you click on "attach media", the ideal is to save the .zip file that will be created in "Files" or another storage medium "google drive", "dropbox" or other to find it easily. On the other hand ⛔️ don't use "Mail" ⛔️ if you want the media, because your file will be limited to 15Mo and you risk to have only the last pictures and the last messages.

    If you use an Android smartphone, here is the procedure to save your conversation :

    • Open the WhatsApp application
    • Go to your thread and click on the conversation you want to print.
    • Click on "more options" (the three dots at the top right) then on "more" and then "export discussion".
    • Now you can choose whether or not to join the media (photos, videos, audio...).
    • If you click on "attach media", the ideal is to save the .zip file on your smartphone or other storage media "google drive", "dropbox" or others in order to find it easily. On the other hand ⛔️ don't use "Mail" ⛔️ if you want the media, because your file will be limited to 15Mo and you risk having only the latest photos and messages.

    ( For other types of conversations Messenger, InstagramSMS from iPhone or SMS from Android see the different versions available on the site, by clicking on the associated logo on the home screen. You can even merge multiple conversations into a single one with our conversation merge feature. Once you've transferred all your conversations to our site, go to the "My Conversations" section and select the conversations you want to merge. Then, click on the merge option and our system will combine them in chronological order into a single conversation for you. )

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    Download your WhatsApp conversation ✅

    Drop the file "WhatsApp Chat - ***.zip" without opening it, as it contains your WhatsApp messages as well as your photos 📸 or "_chat.txt" containing only your WhatsApp messages on our website 🔐 by clicking on the ""Create my book".

    When uploading your WhatsApp messages to the site, we invite you to 🚨 stay on the page during the upload process so that all photos can be uploaded correctly 🚨 so that you do not end up with only the text. (You can find your conversations in your "My Conversations" at any time, where the number of messages and the number of photos will be displayed.)

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    Customise your "MonLivreSMS" book with a WhatsApp conversation 📘

    Once the conversation has been correctly transferred, you will arrive at the page where you can choose the title for the cover of your book, as well as its color. You will be able to write a possible personal dedication that will be inscribed before the printing of your messages begins. You will choose the color and location of the bubbles for each participant. Then you will be asked to choose a start and end date.

    Finally, the site will tell you the number of books needed to print this period, knowing that each book can contain 400 pages, or an average of up to 6,000 messages, there is no limit to the number of messages beyond that, you will be offered several books. But you will be able to select all of them, just like taking only the first one for example.

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    Enter your contact details 🔐 to finalise the printing of your WhatsApp messages

    Your books with a WhatsApp conversation are almost ready, all you have to do is tell us the address where you want them delivered (our books have no limits, we deliver anywhere in the world), make the payment and we take care of the rest.

    For your information, it takes between 2 to 4 days for your books to be shipped from our French printing house 🇫🇷, which we are proud of because it was rewarded for its approach of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

    Then for France, you have to count according to the speed of your letter carrier but it is generally between 1 to 2 days for you to receive your package, for other countries it varies according to the destination. For the United States 🇺🇸, for example, it takes 4 days.

    If it is for a gift, the packages are neutral the person will discover the contents only by opening it.

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    Checking your "MonLivreSMS" book with your WhatsApp Chat 🚀

    A last point, 🚀 in less than an hour you will receive by email your ebook (a pdf file) which corresponds to the digital version of your sms book. If you have chosen the option "paper printing" this pdf file will allow you to check that everything corresponds to your expectations before printing your beautiful book.

    We invite you to check if the photos are well present, if the layout suits you and if the dates correspond to the one of your choice. If you have the slightest doubt, write to us so that we can find a solution for you [email protected], we always have some 💪.

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    Congratulations 🤩 You have saved your messages forever.

    Now that all the steps are validated, congratulations you have saved 😇 Your WhatsApp messages from the meanders of the clouds and your story comes back to life forever, you will be able to rediscover very soon together all these beautiful messages and for a long time ⭐️

Ps: sometimes when you have too much luck in love, the computer revenge and throw a spanner in the works to see if you really want to make your book. Haha. Luckily, love always wins and we have solutions to all the problems. Here are some. Otherwise you can write to us at [email protected]

Some photos 📸

Why print his WhatsApp Chat in a book?

An exceptional gift to remember good times

Rereading your old conversations allows you to bring back fond memories. You'll make your loved ones, including your partner, best friend, family or group of friends, happy. MonLivreSMS offers you a unique service. This concept offers the advantage of being practical and functional. You select the Text Messages from Android to be printed on a paper or digital book. Of course, you can include photos and emojis.

A tailor-made Text Messages from WhatsApp book for an exceptional person or a golden group.

You have two options to create your Text Messages from WhatsApp book. You can do it from your computer or directly from your cell phone. All you have to do is follow all the steps described in detail on the page above. You then enter your first name and the name of your contact person(s). You also choose the colour of the cover of your book between pink, yellow and blue. If you wish, you will also be asked to describe your story in a summary. This summary will naturally be found in the preface of your book. It can be ordered in two copies. You offer one and keep the other one for yourself.

A unique and authentic Text Messages from WhatsApp book just like your story.

Each book can have a maximum of 400 pages. It can contain more than 6,000 Text Messages from WhatsApp. They are presented in the form of chat bubbles with colours of your choice as on your thread. If you wish, you can choose a beginning and end date for your book. In case you exceed your message quota, MonLivreSMS will offer you several books. You will be able to choose them all, or come back later to take over. It takes us a few days to complete and print your project.

If you opt for the digital book, you will receive your ebook in less than an hour or so. If you opt for the paper version, you will receive your paper book(s) after about a week. Printing is done on quality paper. It is moreover entrusted to a renowned French printer. You can trust their know-how and expertise in this field. The emojis and photos are also of very good quality. They perfectly illustrate your various exchanges.

A Text Messages from WhatsApp book for different occasions

The Text Messages from WhatsApp book is a unique and original gift. It is perfect for proposing or surprising the bride during her bachelorette party. Each of the participants of this event can offer her her own book from her WhatsApp messages. Each one can then read an excerpt in turn, either moving or funny passages. The day or evening is likely to be full of surprises.

It is even possible to ask for the groom's complicity. He will then order the Text Messages from Android that he has been exchanging with his bride for months. It is certain that the bride-to-be will be very happy to have this book. There is no shortage of opportunities to surprise your loved ones.

Note that many people use instant messaging. You can have your Text Messages from WhatsApp printed to mark Valentine's Day, someone's birthday or a specific event.

Reading the Text Messages from WhatsApp that you have exchanged over the months allows you to bring back fond memories. You will certainly spend hours laughing together or talking about the moments you shared. There will be moments that you can't remember.

Print a book of your most beautiful messages

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