How to print your SMS from an iPhone?

Here's the recipe to print your SMS conversation from an iPhone in a book and make a unique and original birthday, christmas or even Valentine's Day gift

The required ingredients

  • 1

    Your smartphone 📱 with iOS up to date

  • 2

    A nice conversation with your love, your best friend or someone important 😍

  • 3

    Your computer 🖥 with updated iTunes software

The recipe step by step

  • 1

    Connect your iPhone to your COMPUTER and make an unencrypted (unencrypted) iTunes backup and on the computer

  • 2

    Download our software by clicking on "Create my book" below

  • 3

    Select the person with whom you want to make the book (small tip: if your contact is not present in the list, you must delete and create your contact with the number indicator (france: +33, italy: +39, ...)

  • 4

    Select the customization options and books you want.

  • 5

    Enter your details of delivery, payment and we take care of the rest 😍

  • 6

    In less than an hour you will have your ebook and in less than a week your paper book in your hands.

  • 7

    You have saved your story forever, you will be able to rediscover it together and relive beautiful moments.

Ps: sometimes when you have too much luck in love, the computer revenge and you put small sticks in the wheels to see if you really want to make your book. Haha. Fortunately, love always triumphs and we have solutions to all the problems. Here are some if you can write to us [email protected]

I can not find the contact of my choice!

If you have changed the name of your contact while your conversation is being exchanged, sometimes not all messages are well associated. To remedy this, simply delete the contact (not the attention messages!) And recreate it. The phone will link all messages to this new contact, save your messages to iTunes again before restarting the software.

My conversation does not pass!

Depending on the number of photos, sometimes the conversations are large and depending on your computer or your Internet connection, they have trouble being transferred to our services (sometimes it is necessary to wait several minutes).

Restart the software and when transferring the conversation to our site, cut your internet connection. For security, a "" file will be created on your desktop. Send us this file by email at [email protected] (or through if it is too heavy) and we will manually send the link to finalize your book.

The recipe in video

How to print your SMS from an iPhone? 1