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Gift for 1 year of marriage

15 Sep 2023

9 minutes reading

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary is a memorable milestone in a couple’s life. It’s a time to reminisce about the sweet moments they’ve shared, to express their love, and to celebrate the love that only grows stronger. To make this day even more special, it’s essential to find the perfect gift that will touch your loved one’s heart.

A book of your best SMS chats

Imagine a collection where each page recalls precious memories, bursts of laughter, promises of love, and all those virtual exchanges that marked your first year of marriage. MonLivreSMS offers exactly that: a unique opportunity to turn your most touching SMS exchanges into a tangible book.

These days, we talk a lot through messages, but often those important words get lost among so many others. With this gift, you can keep those special messages forever. It’s a nice, touching way to remember the best moments of your relationship.

Choosing a book of your best SMS chats is giving a gift that’s personal, romantic and unique. It’s a way of saying to your partner, “Every message, every word we’ve exchanged has a special place in my heart.”

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Cotton for the cotton wedding anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is often referred to as the “cotton wedding”. This soft material symbolizes the delicacy and purity of the first year together, a time when the couple get to know each other in depth, weaving together the threads of their life together. 

There’s something comforting and tender about the idea of giving and receiving a gift made of cotton, perhaps a memory of those first cuddly moments together or quiet nights spent together. Cotton, soft to the touch, evokes those moments of softness, warmth and complicity.

Several ideas are available to celebrate your cotton nuptials:

  1. Personalized bed linen: A sheet, pillowcase or blanket with the couple’s names, the date of their wedding or an engraved love quote is a tender way of reminding each evening of the love that unites you.
  2. Personalized clothing: Why not choose cotton T-shirts or pyjamas with a message of love or a photo of the couple? It’s a fun and personal way to express your feelings.
  3. Love letter on personalized gift paper: Take a moment to write your feelings, memories and hopes for the future on cotton gift paper. It’s a simple gesture, but one that’s far-reaching.

Personalized gifts

There’s something deeply touching about a personalized gift. It shows your loved one that you’ve really thought about finding them a special gift. It’s a way of giving her something just for her, a reminder of how much she means to you.

Personalized gifts are treasures that capture a moment, an emotion or a memory, making them eternal. Here are a few ideas for personalized gifts to mark your first wedding anniversary:

  1. Engraved jewelry: A pendant, ring or bracelet engraved with a date, first name or message of love can be a constant reminder of your unbreakable bond.
  2. Handwritten love card: In a world dominated by digital technology, a handwritten love letter on beautiful personalized gift paper has the power to deeply move.
  3. Everyday objects: Personalized cushions, mugs or calendars with photos, quotes or significant dates. Every use becomes a gentle reminder of your love.
  4. Creations on Etsy: The Etsy site is full of talented artisans who can create one-of-a-kind objects from your ideas and specifications. A handmade treasure, just for your soul mate.

Romantic wellness day

After a full year of married life, the moments spent together pile up, as do the challenges and responsibilities of everyday life. Why not take a break and enjoy a day to relax and spend time with your loved one? The gift of a day out with your loved one is a moment of calm, away from everyday worries. It’s like time stands still, just for love and relaxation.

Here are a few suggestions to make this day unforgettable:

  1. Spa duo: Going to the spa is a great way to relax. Choose a package for two, with massages, Jacuzzis, saunas and even facials. The scent of the oils, the sound of the water and the massages will take you away from everyday life.
  2. Yoga or meditation together: The connection between mind and body is essential. Participating in a yoga or meditation session as a couple can strengthen your complicity, helping you to refocus and synchronize on a common frequency.
  3. Picnic in an idyllic setting: After a relaxing morning, why not enjoy lunch in the open air? Choose a peaceful spot, perhaps near a lake or forest, and enjoy your favorite dishes, while exchanging glances and smiles.

Photo sessions and photo albums

Life is made up of little moments that never come back. But with photos, you can keep those memories forever. For a couple, taking photos on their first wedding anniversary is a great gift to remember their love.

  1. Outdoor photo shoot: Choose a place that’s special to you, or simply a picturesque location. Whether it’s a beach at sunset, a lush park or a cobblestone alley, every setting serves as a backdrop for your love story.
  2. Specific theme: To add a touch of originality, consider a themed photo session. Perhaps an era you love, a shared passion or a re-enactment of your first meeting.
  3. Personalized photo album: After the session, select your favorite shots and compile them in a beautiful album. With the option of adding captions, dates or sweet nothings, this album becomes a treasure trove of emotions, a witness to your first year of marriage.
  4. Photos on canvas or framed: Show off your most beautiful photos by printing them on canvas or framing them. Hung on a wall, they become a work of art, a daily reminder of the moments of happiness shared.

Romantic dinner

A romantic dinner is always a good idea. It’s a special time for couples to be together without distractions. When it’s a wedding anniversary, especially the first, it’s even more special. We remember the good times and talk about the future, while enjoying the moment.

  1. Michelin-starred restaurant: For an extraordinary culinary experience, opt for a gourmet restaurant. Let yourself be seduced by refined dishes, exquisite flavors and impeccable service. The elegant setting and hushed atmosphere make the moment even more memorable.
  2. Candlelight dinner at home: If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, why not host a candlelight dinner in your own home? Prepare your favorite dishes together or order from your favorite caterer. Add a few candles, some soft music and let the magic happen.
  3. Themed dinner: To add a touch of originality, choose a theme for your dinner. Whether it’s a Mediterranean evening, an Asian getaway or a trip back in time, let your imagination run wild.
  4. Cooking classes for couples: If you both love to cook, why not turn dinner into a collaborative experience? Sign up for a cooking class and discover new recipes and culinary techniques together.
  5. Dining with a view: Nothing adds more romance to a dinner party than a good view. Whether it’s a restaurant overlooking the sea, a terrace with a view of the illuminated city or a dinner in the mountains, the beauty of the landscape will enhance the intimacy of the moment.

Travel & romantic getaways

Travelling is all about a change of scenery and experiencing new things. For a couple, it’s also a time to get closer, make memories and strengthen their love.

  1. Weekend getaways: Whether it’s a cabin in the middle of the woods, a seaside guesthouse or a historic château, a few days’ getaway can be enough to breathe new life into your relationship. It’s these little breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that allow you to refocus on what’s most important: your love.
  2. Exotic adventure: If you feel like leaving the continent, why not explore a tropical destination? White sand beaches, turquoise waters, sunset cocktails… exoticism at its best to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
  3. Romantic cruise: Sail with the waves, let yourself be lulled by the rocking of the boat, discover a new port of call every day… a cruise offers a timeless escapade, where every moment is dedicated to pleasure and relaxation.
  4. Improvised road trip: freedom, adventure, the unknown… Take to the road without a precise destination, guided only by your instinct and your desire to explore. Every bend in the road may conceal a surprise, every stop the scene of a memorable souvenir.

What does 1 year of marriage symbolize?

The first wedding anniversary is a milestone in a couple’s life. It’s a celebration of a year gone by, filled with memories, discoveries and, sometimes, challenges overcome together. But what does the anniversary really mean? Why is it so special, and what does it symbolize?

  1. Cotton, a symbol of softness: Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary is associated with the wedding of cotton. Cotton evokes softness, delicacy and comfort. Just like this material, after a year the couple has begun to forge strong bonds, while retaining the softness of their first moments together.
  2. A solid foundation: The first year of marriage is often seen as a period of adaptation. It’s a time when couples get to know each other better, adjust to each other and build a solid foundation for the years to come. To celebrate this anniversary is to recognize the importance of this foundation in married life.
  3. Evolution and growth: Just as the seasons change over the course of a year, a couple goes through different phases. The first year is often a time of evolution and growth, as we learn to navigate life’s ups and downs together.
  4. A celebration of everyday love: Beyond the grand gestures and memorable moments, the first year of marriage is also made up of little everyday moments: shared breakfasts, evenings spent talking, laughter, tears, tender gestures… It’s a celebration of everyday love, in all its simplicity and beauty.

The first wedding anniversary is more than just a date on the calendar. It’s an opportunity for the couple to reflect on the past year, celebrate the moments they’ve shared, appreciate the strength of their union and dream about the future. It’s a reminder that, despite challenges and obstacles, love triumphs and continues to grow, day after day.

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