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How to easily retrieve and download your Facebook Messenger messages for free

The procedure for uploading your Facebook Messenger conversations is the same whether you do it from the mobile application (iPhone or Android) or from the desktop version of Facebook (Mac or PC).

In our textual example, we used the desktop version of Facebook for better visibility.

In our video example, we used the mobile version of Facebook. (see the video)

Step 1 - access the page for uploading your Facebook data

Login to your Facebook account.

Click on the small triangular icon at the top right of the page to access your "settings and privacy" then click on "settings".

A new page will appear (here is the direct link in case

Click on "Your Facebook information" (1) then on "download your information" (2)

Step 2 - Choice of Messenger download options

You arrive on the page allowing you to download the data that Facebook has on you.

In our case here, we are only interested in Facebook Messenger messages.

So we invite you to click on "deselect all", then click on "messages" (3) and choose the period you want, as well as the JSON format (4).

Finally, click on "create a file" (5).

Step 3 - Messenger data processing

Our Facebook friends will send you a first email 📩 to let you know that the request has been taken into account.

Work a little to gather all your Messenger messages 💬 and send you a second email 📩 in a few hours to let you know that they are available.

Congratulations 🤩

You have saved 😇 your Facebook Messenger messages. Now they are stored on your computer.

Step 4 (optional) - - Keep a paper backup of your Messenger data

You may not know it yet, but you can also turn your Facebook Messenger Chat into a paper book with

Even if we can trust our computers, a paper version of your discussions will always remain the safest way to keep them.

As a small bonus, it's a gift that appeals to many.

Example of a Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram or SMS conversation printed in a book - MonLivreSMS - 3

Since the new regulations, Facebook has the obligation to give you access to your data. You can therefore upload information such as your publications, photos, friends, videos and more. The good news is that in this data, you can now retrieve all the messages you have sent on Facebook Messenger.

We all have a good reason to want to retrieve our Messenger messages, whether it's to save them, to find a conversation with your partner, your family or even specific messages or photos. And as a little bonus, archived chats are also available for download.

A gift idea for your partner 🥰

Print her/him a book of your most beautiful messages





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