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How many days have you been a couple? 🤔

20 Jun 2023

2 minutes reading

➕ Calculate the number of days from your meeting until today ➕

🧞‍♀️ Select your meeting date and let digital magic happen!  🧞‍♂️

One thing you would wonder 🧐 – wait, how many days have we known each other? How many days have we been living this beautiful story? You can even go further and ask yourself how many days you have been born? Or how many days there are starting from a specific date 📈

To meet your needs 💡, we have created a little magic trick just for you: a days calculator, which allows you to calculate this number of days. To get the result you just have to enter the date of your meeting, birth or other. The calculation is done automatically and shows the number of days between your date and today.

And you are likely to be surprised by the result – the days go by so fast 🚀. Just as you are often surprised by the number of messages you can send during this period.

Now that you have the number of days since your meeting, let’s move on now to calculate the number of messages you have sent in your text conversation from iPhone, text messages from AndroidMessengerWhatsApp or Instagram during this period. You’ll see, the number also rises very quickly. By the way, if you compare the number of days and the number of messages, you’ll see that love keeps no record 😂.

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